BIO-NEUTRALIZER® Dechlorination Tablets 45#

BIO-NEUTRALIZER® Dechlorination Tablets 45#
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BIO-NEUTRALIZER® Dechlorination Tablets

BIO-NEUTRALIZER® dechlorination tablets are uniquely formulated to provide an efficient and cost effective way of removing free and combined chlorine from the effluent of wastewater treatment systems. Scientifically blended to protect dissolved oxygen levels and to reduce wicking or swelling in the feed tubes, BIO-NEUTRALIZER® dechlorination tablets automatically maintain a flow dependent application rate, up to intermittent peak flow factors of four. Optimum dechlorination rates are uniformly maintained even when the significant runoff period of the treatment system is six hours. When used in a Bio-Dynamic® table feeder or other approved gravity flow system, BIO-NEUTRALIZER® dechlorination tablets provide a stable and consistent release of environmentally safe sodium sulfite. A controlled dosage effectively reduces the chlorine residual to non-detectable levels while maintaining overall effluent quality.

High concentration of residual sodium sulfite can degrade beneficial dissolved oxygen levels, increase BOD5 and reduce overall effluent quality. The superior formulation and predictable performance of BIO-NEUTRALIZER® dechlorination tablets provides a consistent reduction or elimination of chlorine residual without significantly reducing dissolved oxygen. Packed in 25 lb. and 45 lb. DOT approved containers, BIO-NEUTRALIZER® dechlorination tablets are a preferred alternative to costly liquid, hazardous gas or mechanical dechlorination systems. BIO-NEUTRALIZER® dechlorination tablets insure that only a stable, high quality effluent is returned to the environment. If your treatment system requires dechlorination or if you’re located near environmentally sensitive surface water and want to add a dechlorination system, consider the advantages of BIO-NEUTRALIZER® dechlorination tablets.


  • Environmentally safe
  • Removes all chlorine to non-detectable levels
  • Consistent sulfite dose
  • Does not affect dissolved oxygen
  • Beveled edge design minimizes wicking
  • Non-hazardous when used as directed
  • No mixing of chemicals


Tablet Size: 2 5/8” diameter, 13/16" thick
Approx. Tablet Weight: 5 oz. (140 grams)
Approx. Tablet Density: 125 lbs./ft.3
Active Ingredient: Sodium Sulfite (Na2SO3)
Active Ingredient: 35%
Inert Ingredients: 65%
Appearance and odor: Green tablet with mild odor
USEPA Designation: Non-Hazardous

CAUTION: BIO-NEUTRALIZER® dechlorination tablets are a strong reducing agent containing sodium sulfite. Direct contact with oxidizing agents such as Bio-Sanitizer disinfecting tablets, swimming pool tablets or any other chlorine containing compound is extremely dangerous. Water or wastewater being treated with BIO-NEUTRALIZER® dechlorination tablets should be at or near a neutral pH. If water or wastewater has an available chlorine level greater than 100 ppm or a water temperature greater than 100'F, do not use any mixture containing sodium sulfite or other reducing agents. A reaction may occur which could generate heat and chlorine gas. This product should not be used to treat water intended for human consumption. Care must be taken in handling and storage. Store only in sealed original container and in a well-ventilated area. Read the product container label carefully prior to use. Keep out of the reach of children.

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